01. All airports now have metal detectors to make sure passengers are not carrying weapons which could be used to [hijack] a plane.
02. The school bus was [hijacked] by the father of a young boy in the school, and driven to the border.
03. Police report that the [hijackers] who took over the cruise ship have surrendered without harming anyone.
04. The [hijacking] of an airliner ended without incident this morning.
05. The Opposition claims the Prime Minister is trying to [hijack] the committee to serve his own purposes.
06. During the [hijacking] of the plane, a group of passengers were able to overpower a man claiming he was carrying a bomb, and the plane was landed without further incident.
07. One of the men at the meeting was able to [hijack] the agenda, with the result that we spent the entire hour spent discussing his own concerns.
08. A military truck was [hijacked] by guerrillas, and driven into the jungle.
09. The protest was [hijacked] by a group of troublemakers, who turned the peaceful demonstration into a violent confrontation with police.
10. In one of the darkest moments of American history, four airliners were [hijacked] by terrorists, and then crashed into the Pentagon, and the World Trade Center.
11. After the ship was [hijacked], the terrorists killed a hostage, and threw him overboard.
12. Community activists throughout the world have been [hijacking] busy streets, major intersections and even stretches of highway, for spontaneous public gatherings.
13. In October of 1990, 127 people were killed when a [hijacked] Chinese airliner crashed into two parked jets at Guangzhou airport following an explosion on board.
14. The men who [hijacked] the airplanes that later crashed into the WTC on September 11th, 2001, were armed with box cutters.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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